Official sale: 14th July 7 PM UTC

Status: Active

About us

StopWarNFT is an unique project focused on gathering funds for charity and making profits for the investors. Win-win situation, that is the future of making the world a better place.

Project utilise collection of 1.000 unique NFTs build around Ukrainian war soldiers and heroes with anti-war symbols and pacifist emblems to show aversion to war. Project’s goal is to help people affected by war and ending the conflict as soon as possible.

share of funds


direct charity donations


influencer’s choice charity organisations and marketing spendings


creators, artists, developers and marketers salaries

Effectively up to 90% of project revenue is transferred to Charities

If the Ukrainian War ends before Project official sale date, what we all hope for, all funds will be transferred to Charities with the goal to minimise the damage caused by the war, and help people affected to get their life back to normal.


Most frequent questions and answers

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. In simple words, these are art pieces with certificates of authenticity. Thanks to their unique character they can be traded (and traced) on the secondary market ( with signifficant price growth and profit for holders.

The StopWarNFT Project is a supportive initiative launched to support war victims, especially Russia-Ukraine war nowadays and preventing future wars from emerging. Our NGO: StopWar Organisation is about to set up to guarantee continuity development of our project.

There are 3 options to buy our NFTs.

1. During pre-sale (price 0.04 ETH) – available only for whitelisted on 7th July (you can get whitelisted by joining our Discord or participating in Giveaway)
2. During official sale on our website (price 0.05 ETH) – available on 14th July
3. Secondary market (price from 0.05 onwards) – after official sale NFTs will be available for resale on and that’s the only marketplace to purchase StopWarNFTs afterwards.

All sales will be hosted on Ethereum blockchain meaining that Ethereum (ETH) will be used for transactions. It can be purchased with your Crypto wallet (Metamask).

Ethereum (ETH) can be purchased directly with your Crypto Wallet (Metamask recommended).

It is simply an add-on to your Firefox or Chrome internet browser or available as Android and iOS app. Depending on your preffered way of using Metamask you can check how to purchase ethereum here.